Exhibition 2018

Date & venue: 19-21 June 2018 • Astana, Kazakhstan • "Korme" Š•xhibition Center, 3 Dostyk St., Left bank
Opening Hours: 19-20 June 10:00-18:00, 21 June 10:00-16:00

In 2018 in Astana in the framework of the 25th World Mining Congress the exhibition of the mining complex will be held. Kazakhstan was not chosen by accident, as during the years of independence Kazakhstan has gained good experience in hosting international events of this scale. For Kazakhstan the mining and metallurgical complex is one of the key areas of the economy. In the overall structure of industrial production MMC sector accounts for 18%, and according to the total volume of mining of solid minerals the Republic of Kazakhstan takes the 13th place in the world among 70 mining countries.

Every year in the Republic of Kazakhstan the largest exhibitions of mining sector are held, at which the latest equipment and technology are demonstrated, as well international experience is shared.

The major events of MMC sector in Kazakhstan are the annual international exhibition “Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment” - MiningWorld Central Asia, as well as the International Mining and Metallurgy Congress and Exhibition “Astana Mining & Metallurgy”, which each year gather on their platforms leading specialists of the industry and contribute to the expansion of international cooperation and the diversification of the mining complex.

Every year more than 250 companies, that demonstrate over 300 brands from around the world, participate in the exhibitions. More than 4,000 visitors of the exhibitions, including specialized experts and heads of large companies engaged in subsoil use every year come to the most important events of MMC from more than 33 countries.

Exhibitors have a unique opportunity to bring their products to the markets of Central Asia, to expand the geography of sales, showcase new products and services. Through the exhibitions exhibiting companies can establish successful business contacts, as well as secure long-term relationships with their partners. In addition, participants have the opportunity to get to know their potential customers and identify their needs.

Today, the world’s analysts and experts predict a rise in prices in MMC for 2018-2019 year and are confident that the mining and metallurgical industry will provide not only extraction, but also production of high quality products. Holding the World Mining Congress in Kazakhstan in 2018 will contribute to fulfilling the investment potential of the mining sector and will be an additional impetus for the development of mining and metallurgical complex and the influx of new efficient technologies.

To achieve maximum benefit from the biggest events of Kazakhstan’s MMC sector the 24th International Exhibition “Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment” - MiningWorld Central Asia and IX International Mining and Metallurgy Congress and Exhibition “Astana Mining & Metallurgy” will be held in parallel on one platform within the framework of the 25th World Mining Congress.


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